Finnish Trauma Association FTA - ST Suomen Traumatologiyhdistys


The last decade of the millennium can be considered as characteristic spesialiteetti internal isolation. The scope of the Finnish Orthopaedic Association has set up a number of affiliated associations to profile our specialty become more diverse areas of expertise. These specific associations and the Finnish Orthopaedic Association have applied for Finnish Medical Soviet Union for recognition of the specific competencies of excellence. So far, the results have been meager. In Finland, a solid basic surgical training body (a specialty of surgery) has long been the basis for a good yleiskirurgiselle, including Traumatology päivystysvalmiudelle. However, progress is inevitably leading to the different areas of expertise are becoming increasingly further away from general surgery areas of expertise. Also, traumatology being the beginning of the new millennium in a situation where an increasing number of severe disability are developing new, more effective methods of treatment. The most severe traumas in recent years with regard to the concentration was more clearly visible trauma centers. Because of such developments forecast, gathered in traumatology and crafting it to have developed Eero Hirvensalo, Seppo Honkonen, Pentti Kallio, Jan Lindahl, Erkki Tukiainen and Kimmo Vihtonen 29.8.1997 Helsinki Bourse Club. The idea of the meeting was to create a new, traumatology skills emphasizing the association, which would complement the scope of the Finnish Orthopaedic Association's burgeoning series of specific associations. The meeting discussed the proposal to the criteria and rules of the association. Crab dinner, inspired by the idea of the establishment of the new association was strengthened, and after a lively discussion on the provisional rules modified to the specific association of the words. Elected to the Board of Directors following the Association: Chairman Hirvensalo, vice president of Tukiainen, Lindahl secretary, treasurer Hannu Miettinen, members of the Rock and Vihtonen. The purpose of the decision was made to the development of traumatology surgery excellence in different areas. Registration of the association were asked after sanding the rules and 6.9.2000 the association was entered in the Register of Patents and Registration. Officially named the Finnish Traumatologiyhdistys Association. In an international context of the association were allowed to use the official name The Finnish Trauma Association. The first meeting of the association held in the context of operational days in Helsinki 11.11.2000 of the Board. The first scientific meeting was held on 29.11.2000 the Finnish Medical Association premises together with Helsinki University Central Hospital with orthopedic and traumatology clinic, and it dealt with the treatment of fractures.


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Kuopio, Northern Savonia 70840

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