Fluidinova, S.A.


FLUIDINOVA  is  a  specialized  manufacturer  and supplier of  synthetic  nano-hydroxyapatite  and  tricalcium  phosphate  materials marketed as nanoXIM. The high quality standards of our products aim at providing companies around the world that operate in the industries of medical devices, oral care and food. Our focus on customer satisfaction and innovation helps us to establish close relationships with clients to develop the best solutions to incorporate our materials in their final products to address a vast number of applications.

Located in the Porto area, Portugal, FLUIDINOVA was created in 2005 as a spin-off from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.  Having  Computational  Fluid  Dynamics  as core  knowledge  base  the  team  developed  a proprietary technology – NETmix - to perform chemical reactions that require perfect mixing at a micro to nanoscale.

Over time the core business of FLUIDINOVA evolved to the manufacturing and supplying the nanoXIM products using the NETmix technology.


Tecmaia - Rua Eng. Frederico Ulrich, 2650
 Moreira da Maia, Porto 4470-605

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