Footmind, Inc.


FootMind, Inc., a company dedicated to bringing to life new innovative products, is introducing the Fuse Right Reaming System, the Elevate Drop Foot Brace, and the Arches Orthotic.

The Fuse Right reamer is a superior product that changes the way podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons surgically alter and relieve the pain of hammertoes.

Because of it's unique design and function, it allows the surgeon to not leave any metal inside the patient's body. Dr. Rob Faux has used this product for 10+ years in over 500 procedures.

Our outcomes show 97% full fusion and 3% fibrous non-union. All the surgeons to whom Dr. Faux has introduced this solution have made it their preferred tool for their hammer toe surgery.


110 North Meadowbrook Dr
Alpine, Utah 84004
United States

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