French Foot Surgery Association FFSA - AFCP Association Francaise de Chirurgie du Pied


In 1993, a small group of surgeons (S. Barouk, JP Delagoutte, P. Diebold, Groulier P., O. Jarde, B. Valtin) founded the GEP (study group of the foot) to develop surgery foot in France. After the presidency of Valtin B. and P. Diebold, the GEP during its fourth annual meeting in SOFCOT turned into French Association for Foot Surgery (AFCP). It currently has over 240 members French but also foreigners (Belgium, Switzerland, Italy ..). Since its creation, the objective of the AFCP has been to promote and develop foot surgery and ankle. Its successive presidents (.. LS Barouk, O. Jarde, T. Judet, Y.Tourné, B.Baudet Mr. Maestro, JL Besse, JA Colombier) contributed to the growth of the company by: The importance today of the day specialties at the annual conference of the SOFCOT, with dense scientific program in 3 parts: a symposium, educational conferences selected by the members at the General assembles. Specific communications sessions. The development of spring days that take place over two days with a dense theme or a special place is given to the young and discussion of clinical records. These spring days are with a foreign company invited. The creation of an IUD surgical Foot and Ankle. This diploma is unique in Europe, comprising 12 French universities provides theoretical and practical training. So for more than 12 years thirty Surgeons benefit from this teaching and validate their degree. From next year a Higher Course of the ankle and foot surgery help train surgeons wishing to improve in our specialty. The creation of a national register of ankle prostheses. This register aims to collect one way exhaustive data on laying conditions (indication, associated operating techniques, etc.), monitoring and possible complications, early and late imposing corrective surgery. The AFCP is recognized at European level (regular participation in congresses and al Instruction races. It represents France in the office of the EFAS. It participates actively in the work and EFORT Congress where she a representative appointed. The work of the days specialties (communications, symposium, educational conference) are published in a monograph for 9 years. The AFCP involved in the drafting of the special issue of the journal of orthopedic and trauma surgery reserved for the Associated companies. Soon the book will be edited biannual basis to review progress on a particular theme. It has adopted a communication tool a website where we find the abstracts and video communications.

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