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We must first go back to the first arthroscopy assigned TAKAGI (the master of Watanabe) made using a cystoscope in 1918, to arrive at the time of the first great leap of technology that can be attributed to WATANABE, pioneer of modern arthroscopy with the creation of his arthroscope No. 21 in 1958, when he published his first atlas in 1957.

We should also mention the work of a few pioneers: In the United States, the first article appears in 1925 under the signature of Dr. KREUSCHER in the interest of the recognition and treatment of meniscal tears.

We must especially mention and remember the important work of BURMAN and his team, in particular, the publication in 1931 in the JBJS of an article on the exploration of all joints.

In Europe, the Swiss Eugene BIRCHER published in 1921 an article on arthrography endoscopy; in Germany, there are publications and VAUBEL SOMMER in 1937 and 1938, and in 1955 in the Journal of Orthopedic Strasbourg HURTER published an article which does no more than echo the short communication RM IMBERT Surgical reported in Marseille in June 1956 from May.

In the late 60s, several teams interested in rheumatic arthroscopy: DIXON JAYSON and publish in 1968 the role of knee arthroscopy in rheumatic disease. ROBLES GIL and KATONA have revised arthroscopic 80, about their diagnostic and research interest, at the 4th Pan American Congress of Rheumatology in October 1967.

Later it was and BONOMO GOMES (1972) (Brazil) and LESLIE BENTLEY (1978) (UK) who publish on arthroscopy.

The year 1969 (besides my arrival in Tokyo) is especially marked by the second edition of the Atlas of Arthroscopy WATANABE.


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