French Society of Arthroscopy SFA - FSA Société Française d'Arthroscopie


The beginnings were difficult, in the indifference not to say the hostility of the establishment in particular of the University Masters. It is also worth remembering that arthroscopy developed outside of university, not to say against it, for many, many years. We will see step by step what the SFA has done and where we are today.

A first informal meeting took place in Strasbourg in autumn 1980 at the initiative of JYDUPONT. He played an important role in particular by the pole Ambroise Paré which aroused the interest of many orthopedists. Among them, needless to mention two of these emulators: Ph. BEAUFILS and A.FRANK. The founding congress dates from November 12, 1980 in Paris, in the presence of its 20 members (including 2 aggregates who, although not de facto arthroscopists, gave us a friendly guarantee). It adopts the statutes and defines the goals of the Association. He thus fulfills the wishes of Valenti CONTI who, since 1978, had unsuccessfully urged me to create such an association (and who will be responsible for the first provincial symposium in Marseille). We then decided to meet twice a year, once in the provinces in the spring.


21 Avenue Albert Londres
Échirolles, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region 38130

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