French Society of Neurosurgery FSN Societe Francaise de Neurochirurgie


Established in December 1969 by Jean Pecker, the French Society of Neurosurgery now has about 250 members (all senior neurosurgeons representing 350 people). Despite our small numbers, the history and development of our specialty we impose a structuring sub-specialty sector to identify our teams of gifted practitioners of specific expertise on topical as functional, vascular, neuro-oncology, etc ... Thus SFNC is structured components, whether sections or clubs that drive scientific thinking as their focus. The board of directors and scientific (CSA) is composed of eight elected members and the Presidents of the various components of the specialty. The goals of the company are: - Harmonize research in Neurosurgery at the national level and encourage its international promotion, - To bring together French neurosurgeons in periodic meeting to promote exchanges and the development of the specialty, - To participate as an interface with the College of Neurosurgery promotion - the teaching of neurosurgery at the national level, - To study the problems of organization of the profession by becoming the interlocutor of the supervisory authorities that are the HAS, DGOS, the Ministry of Health. The scientific activity days in Congress are held in the spring of 4 days organized by a service.

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