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Gamma Healthcare is pleased to announce the addition of the bioMèrieux MALDI-TOF* Mass Spectrometry (MS) analyzer to its line of fully automated microbiology instrumentation.

Pathogen identification is crucial to confirm bacterial infections and to guide antimicrobial therapy. Clinical laboratories, more than ever, need rapid and reliable organism identification test methods.

Definitive identification of a microorganism to the species level typically requires up to 24 hours or more and often several time-consuming steps.

The bioMèrieux MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry analyzer offers a technique to identify a molecule and determine its chemical structure by analyzing the mass and the charge of its ions.

Mass spectrometry provides an identification of a microorganism’s genus and species in just a few minutes.

This methodology provides us the ability to significantly reduce turn-around-time with respect to traditional identification methods.


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