German Arthroplasty Register - GAR - Endoprothesenregister Deutschland - EPRD


What is the EPRD? . The artificial joint replacement is a great success story of modern medicine, especially orthopedics. The use of about 400,000 annually artificial hip and knee joints is one of the most common operations that are carried out in Germany. . At the same time about 44,000 exchange operations are required annually. About the reasons little is known - the endoprosthesis Germany (EPRD) wants to change that. . The registry is a collaborative effort of physicians, hospitals, health insurance companies and industry which will improve the quality of care with artificial hip and knee joints and further reduce the number of unnecessary replacement operations. . The EPRD associated routine data systematically with new information about the installation of artificial hip and knee joints. It evaluates this information in view of the quality of implants and medical treatment. .


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