German Association of Arthroscopy GAA - Der für Arthroskopie (BVASK e.V.)


When the first arthroscopies were carried out in the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1970s, it was mainly young orthopedic surgeons and surgeons who were enthusiastic about these minimally invasive joint surgery.

From the USA came the impetus to the ambulatory implementation and so in the 80ies - despite a difficult environment in every respect - increasingly ambulatory arthroscopy.

At a time when arthroscopy was not yet established in articular surgery,

As outpatient surgery.

It did not have a lobby - not in the professional associations, not in the medical specialists, not in the cost-bearers, and not in the other negotiating partners.

The remuneration was catastrophic: the EBM for an outpatient arthroscopy OP 50 DM; It did not exist in the GOE.

It was a great deal of enthusiasm to lose the pleasure of ambulatory arthroscopy in spite of these adversities and violent resistance from colleagues.

Initially, first arthroscopists, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, formed a loose circle of work and interests.

Since our country does not have a letterhead and stamp, the "Berufsverband" was established for the urgently needed lobbying on 14.1.1989 in the Ritterklinik in Cologne, where the founding members Michael Kubosch and Karl-Heinz Elsner ran a BG practice with outpatient surgery For ambulatory arthroscopy "(BVASK).

The aim of the association was not only to achieve a performance-oriented remuneration.

Since there were no quality standards for arthroscopy, one of the main focus of the association work was quality assurance in the sense of a quality standard developed by the BVASK, as well as the promotion and distribution of outpatient arthroscopic surgery as well as outpatient surgery in general.


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Berufsverbandes für Arthroskopie e. V.

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