German Orthopedic History and Research Museum GOHRM - DOGuF


Deutsches Orthopädisches Geschichts- und Forschungsmuseum DOGuF


The orthopedic museum gives insights into

The history of the human body
Its change in the course of life (aging processes)
Disorders of the organs of movement
The treatment from a historical and current point of view
The supply of prostheses
The history of orthopedics and its precursors as a scientific discipline
The social history of the "Krüppelfürsorge"

The orthopedic museum sees itself as a scientific subject matter. It is a place of exploration, documentation and preservation of the history of orthopedics and its adjoining areas.

The orthopedic museum collects and receives

Objects and aids which have served or have served the prevention and treatment of diseases or Changes in the human body

Endoprostheses, implants and anatomical preparations

Books, magazines, graffiti, advertising, image and multimedial material on orthopedics, medical and institutional history

Documents, manuscripts and estates


Marienburgstrasse 2
Frankfurt am Main, Hesse D-60528

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