German Society for Osteology GSO - DGO


The German Society for Osteology (DGO) sees itself as an interdisciplinary platform for physicians, scientists, engineers and all other specialists who are involved in the investigation of the function of the organ as well as in the detection and treatment of diseases of the skeletal system. As a member of the umbrella organization of German-speaking osteology societies (DVO), it is a key contributor to the continuing education and training of all persons who are active in the field of osteology.

The DGO provides a forum for the presentation of test results and therapeutic approaches as well as their interdisciplinary discussion by taking over a substantial portion of the scientific program at the annual Osteology Congress.

In special working groups, questions and working methods from the field of bone research can be presented in a manageable framework and discussed intensively. In addition, the company supports events on osteological topics.

The DGO was founded on 11-9-1984 and pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and scientific purposes.