German Society of Hand Surgery GSHS - DGH


1) The German Society of Hand Surgery (DGH) is the association of mainly hand surgically qualified in the Federal Republic of Germany surgeons, plastic surgeons, trauma surgeons and orthopedists. (2) The Company is registered in the register of associations. (3) The company's headquarters is Berlin. (4) The fiscal year is the calendar year. (5) The DGH pursued as an association exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the Tax Code. It strives for a profit. The Association is active; it does not pursue primarily its own economic purposes. The association may be to perform its duties of an assistant within the meaning of § 57 para. 1 sentence 2 AO serve, unless he himself carrying out his duties. Purpose of the company is the promotion of science and research, education in the field of hand surgery as well as educating the public about treatment options of congenital and acquired deformations, malfunctions, diseases and injuries of the upper extremities as a field of public health. The purpose is achieved in particular by scientific events, own research projects and those by awarding research contracts to assist individuals, Conferences, seminars, etc., also in collaboration with other medical societies and with the statutory accident insurance the creation of medical and scientific guidance on generally accessible transparent representation of the hand surgical standards, the gratuitous technical and scientific advice to individuals, medical societies, government agencies, organizations, institutions and clinics in the field of hand surgery, the promotion of education and training of surgeons, plastic surgeons, orthopedists and trauma surgeons, • international cooperation in the field of Handchirur strategy. (6) All the results of scientific and medical research activities and to the Public promptly accessible through publications. (7) The DGH represents the medical and scientific interests of the hand surgery over other medical societies, professional medical associations, health institutions, and hospital cost carriers. She is a member of other non-profit or public bodies such as the Federation of European Societies for Hand Surgery (FESSH) and the International Federation of Hand Surgery Societies (IFSSH). (8) The funds of the Company may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive payments from the association. (9) all holders of club offices are volunteers. No person may benefit from expenses that are the purpose of the corporation alien, or by disproportionately high remuneration. The Board may determine appropriate expense allowances without compensation components for activities in the interest of the association, while respecting its charitable purpose in its Rules of Procedure, in particular due to necessary expenses (such as for travel, accommodation costs, parking fees, telephone costs, food expenses and the like) of Executive and Advisory Board members, Commissioner and for auxiliary personnel within the meaning of Article 1, paragraph 5 sentence 3 regulating delegates, and the secretary can grant them. The management board may provide for appropriate compensation for their activities for employees only for absolutely essential activities such as secretarial and Internet home-care services of the association.


Straße des 17. Juni 106-108
Berlin City, Berlin 10623

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