German Society of Neurosurgery DGNC Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e.V.


The association bears the name - German Society for Neurosurgery eV - . The Society is an association of physicians and scientists * working in the field of neurosurgery or interested in the field. The purpose of the company is to promote science and research and practical work in the field of neurosurgery. Through the exchange of scientific knowledge and practical experience and by stimulating scientific activity, the society wants to promote the connection between the German neurosurgeons and the collaboration with domestic and foreign physicians and scientists and neurosurgical societies. The company takes care of the interests of the subject in vocational training, further education and training and ensures the professional standard.

The fulfillment of the purpose of the statutes serves in particular

  • holding an annual scientific congress and holding scientific events,
  • the promotion of scientific work and research projects in all areas of neurosurgery, in particular by awarding prizes and founding scientific foundations,
  • the utilization and evaluation of findings and experiences of neurosurgical practitioners and researchers for all members,
  • the promotion of continuing education of members and young scientists,
  • the care of the personal and professional contact between the members.


Office of DGNC, c / o Conventus Congressmanagement
Jena, Thuringia 07745

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