German Society of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery GSOTS - DGOU


Mission statement for orthopedics and accident surgery

Orthopedics and accident surgery includes the prevention and detection, the conservative and operative treatment as well as the aftercare and rehabilitation of injuries of all kinds and their consequences as well as of congenital and acquired shape changes, malformations, functional disorders and diseases of the holding and movement organs.

This also takes place with the inclusion of interdisciplinary competence and applies to all age levels.

Specializations of the specialists are taking account of the changing requirements in the fulfillment of these tasks for the benefit of our patients as much as possible. We ensure competence from a single source.

We orthopaedists and accident surgeons are committed to the wellbeing and life of our patients and provide treatment that respects the individual needs of each individual, respecting human dignity and patient rights.

When selecting our treatment procedures, we also take into account findings from scientific studies, good clinical practice and existing resources in the sense of responsible economic action.

We are committed to a goal-oriented training, further education and further education.

We promote research and teaching as well as the implementation of the results into the practice at the highest level.

We meet colleagues from other specialist disciplines in partnership and strive for constructive interdisciplinary discussions in order to ensure and further develop competent interdisciplinary cooperation.

The patients entrusted to us are always at the center of all our efforts.


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