German Speaking Group for Microsurgery GSGM


Speaking at a hand surgery conference in Erlangen the German Speaking Association of microsurgery of vessels and nerves was founded on 10.18.1977. Representatives of the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland recognized the need for a civil political representation in this Tell the surgery, which was used at the time as an innovative technology of growing reconstructive surgeon. Action was so far available, as yet existed no generally accepted terminology in the context of this surgery.

The newly established Working Group had set itself the goal, not only scientifically to look after this surgery, an essential idea it was, thereby establish international contacts and to promote young talent through targeted teaching.

In the first year Prof. Dr. Biemer / Munich were directed 26 Application for full membership to the then secretary, this emphasizes the above-average interest in microsurgery.

Since 1978 (Prof. Dr. H. Millesi / Vienna) meetings were now annually aligned in the participating countries, all of which were characterized by lots of visitors and increasing membership numbers.

Retrospectively, it is considered the Working Group managed to achieve the stated objectives at that time in full, still this expert group has remained on practical and scientific reference area for the doctor of microsurgery.


Spitalstrasse 21
Universitätsspital Basel
Basle City, Basel-Stadt (Basle-City) CH-4031

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