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By 2006, there were in Germany, two companies that have been scientifically grappled with the problems of the spine: 1. German Society of Spine Surgery. 2 Society for Spine Research. The German Society of Spine Surgery (DGW) was founded in Hamburg on June 4, 1987 as an association of surgeons, trauma surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and other persons who were active in the area of the spine in clinical practice and research. Purpose were the further development and deepening of clinical and scientific research in the field of spinal surgery. The object of the members of society was to promote through the exchange and transfer own knowledge and experience, the experimental and clinical research in this field. The Society for Spine Research was much earlier, namely, founded on July 5, 1958 in Frankfurt, in order to promote interdisciplinary discussion of the problems of the spine. Regular annual and workshops and the publication of the journal Spine in Research and Practice showed the commitment. In addition, outstanding scientific work has been honored with the Georg-Schmorl Prize. Earned spine researchers were honored by the Junghanns Memorial Lecture. Thematic and content overlaps led since 1990 to efforts to achieve a union of the two companies to join forces. At this time, but the right idea was not enforceable due to occurring resistances. Since 2003, Professor Carstens was elected president of the Society for Spine Research. At the decisive meeting him the explicit mandate for renewed contact was with the German Society for Spine Surgery transferred with the aim of discussions regarding a possible unification of the two companies. The changes at the European level with the emergence of Spine Societies in many countries around the world and a Spine Society of Europe showed the need to review the previous considerations. Finally, the personal relationship of trust with the Presidents of the two professional associations Prof. Carstens and Prof. Mayer and the excellent cooperation of the directors of the two companies were the indispensable basis for realizing the project German Spine Society. In many negotiations could agree on a common statute, which was the then general secretary of the DGW drafted by Professor Carstens and Prof. Wilke. Formally, the Association was made possible by the fact that the company broke up for Spine Research in 2005 and its members recommended to join the German Society of Spine Surgery. This in turn decided at the Annual Meeting 2006 in Munich its name was changed to German Spine Society (DWG). Prof. H. Michael Mayer from Munich, the last president of the German Society for spinal surgery, became the first president of the DWG, Prof. Claus Carstens was then 2007, the second president. The necessity of the merger of the two companies and the associated release of existing potentials obviously be illustrated by the following figures. The annual meetings of the Society for Spine Research showed about 50, that of the German Society of Spinal Surgery 350 participants. The founding congress of the DWG 2006 in Munich the other hand, counted 747 visitors, 2007 in Mannheim, there were 819, in 2008 ULM already 1,025, 2009 in Munich 1291, in Bremen in 2010 1303, in Hamburg 1,427 visitors, in Stuttgart 1491 and 2013, in Frankfurt 1,609 participants. Meanwhile, the DWG is the largest, fachgebundene Spine Society of Europe. It is an interdisciplinary forum of basic researchers and conservative and operative colleagues in Germany. The end of 2012, more than 1,250 members are recruited with an annually increasing number primarily of neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons. The success story described will continue and shows retrospectively the accuracy of the 2005 - decisions of 2006. Prof. Dr. Claus Carstens, Stuttgart Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Wilke, Ulm


Helmholtzstraße 14
Institut für Unfallchirurgische Forschung und Biom
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