German Trauma Society -GTS - GSAS - DGU - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie


Accidents are a daily threat by people of all ages. Every year more than 35,000 people in Germany suffer from serious, often life-threatening injuries. Nevertheless injured have no lobby. The aim of the German Society of Trauma Surgery is to guarantee patients the best possible care and care for injured permanently. It shall note the treatment of the accident until the reintegration into social and working environment safe. O and U 2003, the specialist title of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery in Germany was established. Today is the subject O and U a mainstay throughout the surgery and provides the largest share of the surgical treatment in Germany. The DGU therefore together with the German Society for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery (2008 founded DGOOC), the German Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DGOU) as an association Association. In collaboration with the DGOU the DGU promote research on the subject, provides platforms and networks for the exchanges of researchers and scientists willing and communicate the latest scientific findings, such as the specialized bodies The trauma surgeon and Orthopaedics and Traumatology - Releases & News and the German Congress of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery (DKOU), the once a year in Berlin takes place. For the greatest possible transparency and proper supply political framework is needed. Therefore, the DGU publishes among other guidelines for traumatological diagnosis and treatment. These guidelines serve doctors, members of medical aid professionals, patients and interested laymen to information and contribute to quality assurance. The structure, organization and institutions, the German Society of Trauma Surgery is a non-profit association. It was founded on September 23, 1922 the name German Society of Trauma medicine. Their office is located in the Tiergarten-Tower in Berlin. The DGU elect the majority of the Management Board and the Bureau about their annual general meeting, which also decides on budgetary matters and amendments. The DGU is represented by an executive committee consisting of the Executive Council, the Presidential Council, the Permanent Council, the Temporary Advisory Board, the Advisory Board and the Senate is. All aspects of management are regulated in accordance with the Statute and the Rules of Procedure of the Bureau. At present, the DGU has about 4,600 members (as of December 2012). In order to solve scientific questions and develop recommendations, the practical work of DGU is divided into work platforms. This includes sections, working groups, commissions and committees. The DGU cooperates with working platforms DGOU. Training and professional development The DGU promotes education, training and further education in orthopedics and trauma surgery with an annual Congress, with the support of study and research activities as well as with their own education programs. To support the training, the DGU accepts, under certain conditions the auspices of external events and conferences. As a special interest group of young orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons has the Young Forum of the DGU and DGOU formed. The network provides information and advisory services relating to clinical, scientific and didactic aspects of education and has set itself the goal of continuing to improve in terms of kurrikulären training. Honors, awards and scholarships outstanding scientific achievements characterized the DGU - partly in cooperation partner organizations - with honors and prices from. In addition, the DGU writes annual scholarships from. Most of honors, awards and scholarships are awarded once a year as part of the German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU). Quality assurance: Trauma Network DGU® To each injured person at any place in Germany at all times the same to offer chances of survival, the DGU has the project Trauma Network DGU® launched. DGU 2006 was for the first time the White Paper severely injured patients out of which recommendations have been implemented nationwide. 2012 came out the first edition. Meanwhile, distinguished in Germany a significant improvement of clinical infrastructure and process quality in the care of severely injured patients from. Currently (January 2014) there are in Germany 46 trauma networks with 581 participating hospitals that have been certified according to the provisions of the White Paper of the DGU. Prevention The German Society of Trauma Surgery also provides one of its important tasks is to prevent accidents. This Zeil it supports, for example projects to promote road safety and are with their patients information own recommendations for the prevention and treatment of injuries out. Preventive the DGU is also active in terms of treatment failure, in order to increase patient safety. But she has worked with various partners, such as the critical reporting system CIRS or the Coalition for Patient Safety. The aim is to develop transparency, information and a non-emotive possible handling errors Measures to improve the error prevention. Networks of DGU The DGU collaborates nationally and internationally with many partners and working in the emergency care multiprofessional together with all disciplines for Supply Injured worry wear.


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