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Among orthopaedic foot & ankle specialists…”Hapad® products are recognized as the most affordable and most effective method for treating patients’ painful, common foot complaints.”…

Hapad® products were initially designed and developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Emil D.W. Hauser, F.A.C.S. Dr. Hauser would tediously cut felt and apply messy adhesives by hand.

In 1965, Theodor Hauser, Dr. Hauser’s brother, developed the automated machinery to skive felt and apply adhesive as a time saving measure for the medical profession.

Today, thousands of physicians throughout the world use and recommend Hapad® products for their patients’ common, painful foot complaints.

From his practice in Winnetka, just outside of Chicago, Illinois, in addition to the surgeries and rehabil­i­ta­tion of patients, Dr. Hauser’s staff would skive pads from sheets of felt and then, apply them correctly in each pair of shoes (using bunsen burners to melt the adhesive) for the thousands upon thousands of shoes padded for his patients.

That was the practice for decades: made by hand, a prescribed height based on arch height and shoe size, from surgi­cal wool felt.

Hapad® products are manufactured from only the highest quality materials. 100% natural wool felt provides a comfortable correction. Hapad felt is resilient and long lasting… yet very affordable.

In fact, Hapad® products are usually less expensive than the flimsy foam insoles found in most drug stores.

Since these products are normally recommended by physicians, they are sometimes difficult to find in stores so we provide them direct to you.


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