Hoaloha Robotics, LLC.


Hoaloha Robotics was founded to create "socially assistive," human-centric robot designs that combine software innovation and advanced interface techniques with today’s digital technologies to deliver solutions that enable individuals to better address the challenges that can come with aging, disabilities, or other chronic conditions.

Hoaloha Robotics is developing software and services to support new “socially assistive” robot designs that will help individuals manage basic day-to-day activities in the face of challenges that may come from disease, injury, or aging.

The Hoaloha application framework will also provide integration of discrete technological solutions like biometric devices, remote doctor visits, monitoring and emergency call services, medication dispensers, on-line services, and the increasing number of other products and applications already emerging for the assistive care market.

In addition, because the design is also based on wireless PC technology, the Hoaloha solution will provide a bridge to the existing digital and Web-enabled world.


PO Box 4401
Seattle, Washington 98194
United States

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