HyperBranch Medical Technology, Inc.


Founded in March 2003 and based in Durham, North Carolina, HyperBranch is a privately-held medical device company, formed to develop biosurgical devices based on its proprietary polymers and their cross-linked hydrogels.

Its initial focus is on the surgical sealant market to help reduce the morbidity and mortality of patients undergoing surgery.

HyperBranch scientists and engineers invented a family of unique polymers and cross linked hydrogels that are currently being developed into surgical sealants.

HyperBranch's tunable hydrogels confer material properties of biocompatibility with superior tissue adherence, strength, and durability.

Additionally, HyperBranch delivers its surgical sealants through easy to use, proprietary delivery devices designed with thoughtful input from leading medical professionals.


800 Capitola Dr #12,
Durham, North Carolina 27713
United States

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