HyPrevention - Plateforme Technologique d’Innovation Biomédicale - PTIB


Plateforme Technologique d’Innovation Biomédicale

PTIB = Biomedical Innovation Technology Platform

Founded in 2010, Hyprevention is a French company that develops, manufactures and sells implantable medical devices to address unmet clinical needs.

Its first product, Y-STRUT®, is indicated for patients at risk of hip fractures due to osteoporosis or bone metastases localized in the proximal femur.

Y-STRUT® is an implantable medical device indicated for internal fixation of proximal femur of patients at risk of osteoporotic fracture and for impeding pathological fracture.

It is composed of 2 cannulas in PEEK (polyetheretherketone) polymer. It is intended to the biomechanical reinforcement of the proximal femur.


Hopital Xavier Arnozan
Avenue du Haut Leveque
Pessac City, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region 33600

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