ImmersiveTouch, Inc.


ImmersiveTouch® is a technology company creating cutting-edge tools for the healthcare industry. Their FDA-cleared Sensimmer augmented reality platform empowers surgeons to easily convert pre-operative images into 3D virtual reality simulations, giving surgeons an effective new tool while planning for difficult cases in neurosurgery.


“Hospital reimbursements are currently tied to quality of care provided and lowering of readmission rates. The Sensimmer platform offers best-in-class augmented reality technologies and haptic feedback mechanisms that allow surgeons to rehearse complex procedures using 3D models of individual patient anatomy, thereby contributing toward improved outcomes and reduced post-surgical complications,” said Tanvir Jaikishen, senior research analyst, Frost & Sullivan.


The key to the ImmersiveTouch® technology is realistic haptic feedback that uses patented robotic algorithms to re-create the sense of touch during the virtual surgery. This allows doctors to practice surgical techniques while avoiding the costly overhead associated with cadavers. Recent research conducted by scientists at the University of Texas has found ImmersiveTouch to reduce resident errors by as much as 54%.


The Sensimmer case library currently offers more than 20 different surgical procedures with hundreds of cases created from pre-operative images. The case library is constantly expanding as more university hospitals purchase the simulator and add their own content. The Company is constantly developing new procedures based on client demand. Current specialties include Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, Ear Nose & Throat, and General Surgery Skills.


“The Sensimmer platform is a flight simulator of sorts for surgery, giving surgeons an innovative new tool to visualize and rehearse complex surgical interventions specific to each patient.” said Jay Banerjee, Vice President of ImmersiveTouch®. “Our platform consists of game-changing tools and content, including case libraries, neurosurgery training curriculums, proprietary robotic algorithms and quality measures published by leading industry experts. I am looking forward to seeing Sensimmer successfully used in hospitals around the country.”


About ImmersiveTouch,Inc | ImmersiveTouch® is a software company dedicated to the development of cutting edge surgical technologies. The result is their Sensimmer augmented reality haptic platform that allows surgeons to simulate, plan, and rehearse complex surgeries. ImmersiveTouch® is collaborating with physicians, universities, medical societies, and industry partners to establish a new standard of care in surgery.