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The association s Hand Institute is a nonprofit scientific association was founded in 1972 by Professor Raoul Tubiana.

A group of surgeons and doctors worked for several years under the direction of Dr. Raoul Tubiana on the problems posed by the treatment of surgical and medical conditions of the hand in orthopedic and reconstructive Clinic College of Medicine Cochin Port Royal and that the Cochin Rheumatology Clinic.

In 1985, the Main Institute takes the name of FRENCH INSTITUTE OF HAND (IFM) and moved to the Franklin clinic. Its four founders Raoul Tubiana, Alain GILBERT, Regis LISFRANC and Philippe SAFFAR soon adjoin new members: Caroline Leclercq Christophe Mathoulin, Eric LENOBLE Francesco BRUNELLI, SOKOLOW Constantine, Christian DUMONTIER.

This becomes the first European center dedicated solely to the Surgery of the Hand and Upper Extremity.

It was an exceptional period, the succession of annual symposia that have made the reputation of the Institute and training many foreign surgeons who are members of the Club TUBIANA.

In 1995, the closure of the Franklin Clinic obliges the group to move. Some members leave but the majority moved to the Jouvenet Clinic and takes the name of INSTITUTE OF HAND. Tubiana Gilbert Leclercq Professor Gilbert succeeds Professor TUBIANA to head the group.

The current group is gradually with the presence of Raoul Tubiana (which is dedicated to the consultation of Musicians and the books he wrote), Alain GILBERT, Caroline Leclercq Christophe Mathoulin, Eric LENOBLE Francesco BRUNELLI and arrival Philippe VALENTI doctors, SAUZIERES Philippe Thierry DUBERT Dominique Leviet, Eric ROULOT Pascal Gaudin, Alexander KILINC and Dr. Mathilde Gras.

Some but not least participated in the group before making important functions elsewhere: Alain Masquelet (Professor at Bobigny), Thierry BEGUE (Professor at Bobigny), Christian DUMONTIER (Professor at Nice), Dominique GAZIELLY (University Hospital of Geneva). INSTITUTE OF MAIN is not just a group of surgeons but extends to practitioners involved in the treatment of conditions of Main Daniele GOLDBERG (rheumatologist), Angèle ROPERT (retired) Patrick CORLOBE Fabrice MALTONTI ( Electromyography), Pierre Bourquelot, Jan Stolba (arterio-venous fistulas), Corinne Becker (lymph Surgery) A specialized team of therapists has always accompanied the group (Currently TERRADE and Didier Philippe Gallois).

Since the shoulder through the elbow and the wrist to the hand, there treats all injuries of the upper limb, whether trauma (wounds, fractures, sports injuries), congenital (malformations), degenerative ( rheumatic lesions, osteoarthritis) or other (Dupuytren's disease, tumor pathology).

The Hand Institute also specializes in surgery of the upper limb neurological disorders (nerve compression, brachial plexus palsy, quadriplegia spasticity) and is surrounded by a group of neurologists, rheumatologists and physiotherapists specialized.


21, rue Georges BIZET
Clinique BIZET
Paris, Île-de-France Region 75016

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