Bangalore Integrated System Solutions (P) ltd. - BISS - Tissue Growth Technologies Corp.- TGT


Instron TERM, a premier supplier of commercial bioreactors to grow and stimulate developing tissues is now part of BiSS TGT.

With this, we will be providing solutions for the tissue engineering, biomaterials and regenerative medicine fields.

The next hot medical device, one that only lasts a few months and then dissappears without surgery or long-term side effects. 

Researchers around the globe are using new polymers and metals to design biodegradable medical devices. 

They do their jobs as long as needed and then dissolve leaving behind health/healed funtioning tissue.


No. 497E, 14th Cross, 4th Phase,
Bangalore -Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560058

BISS aquired Tissue Growth Technologies (TGT)

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