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Shoulder surgery is a relatively young speciality. Surgeons have been treating shoulder problems from the time of Hippocrates.

With the huge explosion of knowledge in the medical sciences it became impossible to be an expert in all fields and hence the birth of the specialist.

As knowledge expands the areas of expertise becomes smaller.

Those interested in a particular field have always grouped together to form societies to discuss their area of interest and share experiences.

Shoulder surgery is no different.

The speciality of shoulder surgery is now of sufficient size, age and definition to review the history of the administrative side of the speciality.

The first international conference on surgery of the shoulder was held in London in 1980, organized by Professor Lipman Kessel aided by Ian Bayley.

This was really a landmark in defining shoulder surgery as a separate clinical entity.

Working with Professor Kessel at that time there was the buzz and excitement of people from around the world realising that a lot of what we do has a great deal in common.

However, different problems are faced in different parts of the world.

All the major names in shoulder surgery were part of that original conference and there was a definite feeling that this was the start of something big. Because of the success of the conference it was decided that there would be a second one held in Toronto, Canada in 1993 organized by Drs James Bateman and Peter Welch.

From that time conferences have been held in Fukuoka, Japan 1986, New York City, USA 1989, Paris, France 1992, Helsinki, Finland 1995, Sydney, Australia 1998, Cape Town South Africa 2001 and Washington USA 2004.

At the 5th International Congress in Paris 1992 Dr Charles Neer convened a group to oversee the organization of the international meetings.

These conferences were getting larger and certainly a great deal of expertise had been gained, this knowledge needed to be propagated. It was proposed that this group of people would help facilitate the organization of these conferences every three years.

The overall principle was that the International Board of Shoulder Surgery would foster and facilitate the development of international congresses of shoulder surgery and provide continuity and activity between the times of the congresses.

The International Board also considers policy matters, serves in an advisory capacity to the chair of the upcoming International Congress, provides seed money, administers proposals for future meeting sites, maintains records and considers related activities for the advancement of shoulder surgery.

Part of the proceeds of the International Conference is passed on to the International Board as a means of funding and setting up the next conference.

These congresses have been a great success in the facilitation of the global exchange of information on surgery of the shoulder and elbow.

Initially it was purely an international shoulder congress but at the Washington meeting in 2004 the name was changed to the International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the instigation of the delegates.

This was done in recognition of the papers presented at the conferences and also to reflect the activity of many of the international associated organizations.

There is no doubt these international congresses have been an enormous success, encouraging scientific exchange and fellowship amongst shoulder and elbow surgeons globally.




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