International Consortium of Orthopaedic Registries ICOR


The ICOR initiative was launched in 2011 with an inaugural conference that was held on May 9-10 at the headquarters of the FDA in Silver Spring, MD.

This conference summarized the international data sources and methods for post-market evaluations and surveillance of orthopedic devices.

The conference attendants included 73 stakeholders from 29 orthopaedic joint registries (total joint arthroplasty) representing 14 nations.

In addition, there were over 25 non-registry stakeholders representing industry, AHRQ, NIH, CMS, academia, device regulatory agencies, device cataloguing experts insurers and payers.

The meeting was the first main step to build the ICOR methodological infrastructure to evaluate orthopaedic implant safety and effectiveness.

ICOR is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-sponsored initiative that is quickly evolving into a public-private partnership, with over 30 registries participating worldwide.

Our purpose is to facilitate and enhance inter-registry collaboration through the provision of a supportive infrastructure and the development of a distributed data network that uses innovative approaches to analyze the data.