International Society for Restorative Neurology ISRN


The International Society for Restorative Neurology (ISRN) is an outcome of several generations of work in the new field of Restorative Neurology.

The ISRN will provide an international collaborative network of those who have a desire to move the field forward.

This collaboration will include individuals with a wide spectrum of expertise including physicians, therapists, scientists, engineers, educators and philanthropists, among others.

It will provide a framework to help coordinate and regulate activities that are currently disorganized in order to standardize the practice of Restorative Neurology.

The ISRN will foster an environment that promotes understanding of current and future advances in the field; encouraging the pursuit of underlying mechanisms and promoting the assimilation of these interventions into their proper clinical context.

The ultimate goal of the Society is to direct the field in such a way as to promote patients’ confidence in the theory, methods and clinical indications of a restorative neurology approach to amelioration of their neurological deficits.


PO Box 131
Patterson, North Carolina 28661
United States

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