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The Barricaid® Prosthesis for Partial Anulus Replacement is the first available method for a surgeon to reliably replace missing or damaged section of the anulus following discectomy surgery.

Open anular defects create a real potential for both reherniation and progressive loss in disc height which can result in increased back and leg pain over time.

The Barricaid® allows the surgeon to perform a limited discectomy, thereby preserving the patient’s own disc, while minimizing the risk of reherniation through effective partial replacement of anulus.

Published literature and Barricaid® studies indicate that patients with relatively tall disc heights and large anular defects will likely benefit most from the Barricaid® procedure.

The Barricaid® represents the culmination of more than 10 years of scientific and clinical investigation by top scientists and clinicians in the field of spine surgery.

In conclusion, the Barricaid® provides a unique opportunity to set a new standard of treatment with improved patient outcomes and cost-effectiveness within the spine care continuum.


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