Italian Society for Spinal Surgery GIS - ISSS


In 1977 a group of Italian orthopedic particularly interested in the problems of the spine and scoliosis in particular, they decided to form a study group called Group Italian study Scoliosis abbreviated GIS that would address these issues in depth.

Its company statutes, in fact, states that it aims to achieve the following objectives:

a) to promote and encourage the study, research, prevention and treatment of all forms of spinal pathology;

b) promote the exchange of ideas and of experience between Italian and foreign specialists involved in this field.

At the same time it is decided the foundation of the Journal Gazette of the Company named: Progress in Pathology Vertebral where will be collected all conference reports.

The 1st National Congress held in Pisa with the Presidency of Prof. Pier Giorgio Marchetti, in December 1978 and deals with the subject of Treatment of Scoliosis with corsets.

The 1st Volume of the Official Magazine of course is titled the topic of this Congress.

The preface of the 1st Volume was Prof. Romolo Savini, lamented colleague Institutes Rizzoli, who as well as Founding Member of the Company and former President of the same was also one of the Editors of the Journal of the 1st Editorial Board along with Agostini , Del Torto, Mastragostino and Travaglini.

Therefore, we have a tribute to Romolo Savini back in full in this report his preface to Volume 1 of the Review of 1978.


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