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September 1980 is a historic day for Italian arthroscopy, in fact, the favorable conjunction of the stars favored the meeting of those who later distance of only a month would have founded the Italian Group of Arthroscopy. The occasion was the course in Bormio, organized by M. Magi, in which Louis Frizziero, Pier Paolo Mariani, Piero Montenagni and myself, in a still summer evening full of stars, stimulated from the mountain, made friends and cementing feeling was that the passion for the arthroscopic technique that year was timidly ushering in the scenario of surgical superspecialità and the four of us we had a few years already started practicing. Indeed, in Italy, the first to speak of arthroscopy are were the Chini in 1941 and ilLuccherini in 1946, but the first to perform an arthroscopy fuFilippo Vecchione, who used the technique and the tool of the German Vaubel and published his results about free Orthopedics in 1947. In 1950, A. Santacroce and G. Banfo, students Casuccio, devised the first original Italian instrument that was then being presented at the 35th Congress of SIOT (photo) . In 1971 G. Peretti G. Clubs had communicated to the 56th Congress of SIOT their limited experience on 'knee arthroscopy; were attempts were unfortunately without result but prepared the field introduction of arthroscopy in Italy. In 1978, G. Sgarbi, Primary S. Vito al Tagliamento, on concern of my Master L. Gui, I had made available a room operative, not available Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, to start performing together with his assistant V. Alecci, the first arthroscopy. They were unforgettable days, there was not much literature and we felt like pioneers. Speaking of arthroscopy in Italy is only possible through the history of the Italian Group of Arthroscopy before and the Italian Society of Arthroscopy then. After the course Bormio the four musketeers began immediately in action by checking and making contact with those who were then interested arthroscopy and so in October of 1980 was born the Italian Group of Arthroscopy. We called Group and the Company for a kind of modesty almost to distinguish ourselves from the Important colleagues who had founded other companies superspecialistiche. Finally, after several contacts were 11 and all young enough: in addition to the four already mentioned, there were Aglietti P., M. Benazzi, M. Bianchi, F. Cigala, G.Sgarbi, U. and P. Tosi Venturi. It was the period of teasing, we were labeled as voyeur; lookups enough by surgeons classics that ultimately advised us lovingly to open the door instead of looking through the keyhole, helped to reinforce the initial group and turn it into friends. Fortunately there is left to condition and with the support of some great masters as L. Gui, M. Boni, L. F. String and Perugia, and with the valuable advice of our father, Mario Bianchi, continued to progress.


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