Italian Society of Foot and Ankle ISFA SICP


The Italian Society of Ankle and Foot (S.I.C.P.) is a free association that brings together graduates in Medicine and Surgery in possession of different degrees, all still interested in the study of the foot.

The Italian Society of Ankle and Foot is part of: European Foot and Ankle Society (E.F.A.S) that brings together the specialist European companies to foot surgery.

International Federation of Foot and Ankle Society (I.F.F.A.S.) which brings together the federations Asian, European, North American, South American and Australian Society and South Africa.

The company has the following purposes:

Promoting knowledge of Medicine and Foot Surgery through the organization of congresses,



study days,

Training courses Promote programs of study and research related to Medicine and Surgery of the Foot Maintaining relationships with institutions that have the same purpose .


Via Giulio Cesare Pupilli, 1
Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute - Hospital Rizzoli
Bologna Metropolitan City, Emilia-Romagna 40136

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