Italian Society of Microsurgery ISM


In 1978 some Italian fans of microsurgical technique still in its infancy, they met in Brescia, at the urging of Professor Giorgio Brunelli, founder of this discipline in Italy (the first Italian replanting of amputated limb run from Brunelli in 1973).

At this meeting participants constituted officially the Italian Club Microsurgery with the aim of promoting in Italy the spread of microsurgical techniques.

After a few years, and more precisely in 1981, the Italian club was equipped with a new statute and regulation , and was founded a real company National:

The Italian Society of Microsurgery .

The first board of directors was made up of two-year 1982-1983 President Prof. G. Brunelli; Past-president Prof. E. Ancona; Next President Prof. A. Gaspari; Secretary Dr. G. Rigotti; Directors: Prof. A. Azzolini, Dr. U. Fox, Dr. E. Galletti, Dr. A. Gilbert; Dr. G. Pilla; Prof. B. Tesauro; Treasurer Dr. G. Conti; Secretary to the President Dr. A. Vigasio.

The company would complement education and training activities already in place (Italian Theoretical Practical Course of Microsurgery, which was held in Brescia since 1974 has formatola most of Microchirurghi Italian) held a National Congress every year combining surgeons from many different disciplines but with the common interest of an innovative technique that opened unexpected horizons.

Congresses SIM unlike many other National Societies of other specialties, the clinical experiences have always been accompanied by a necessary and important series of experimental research .

In parallel with the National Congress held several symposia Extraordinary .

The importance of the company in Italian international scene was confirmed by joint meetings with other National Societies (eg the Joint Congress with the French GAM in 1984 in Gardone Riviera).

To Italy was also given the honor of a presidency International (Professor G. Brunelli was elected President of The International Microsurgical Society in 1985) with the organization of a World Congress which was held in Brescia in 1986.


Via C. Cattaneo 51
Brescia, Lombardy 25121

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