Italian Society of Orthopaedics Veterinary ISOV - SIOVET


La Società Italiana di Ortopedia Veterinaria SIOVET


The Italian Society of Veterinary Orthopedics (SIOVET) was founded in November 2004, continuing the activities of the former  of Veterinary Orthopedic Study Group.

His first Board of Directors was composed of Carlo Maria Mortellaro (Chairman), Bruno and Aldo Peirone Vezzoni.

The main purpose of SIOVET are of scientific and cultural nature.

In particular, the Board of Directors and the shareholders aim to elaborate further the various sectors of 'Orthopedics and Traumatology Veterinary Companion Animal and promote lifelong education of the members themselves.

The Company organizes days during the annual congress SCIVAC, proposing and contacting speakers of the highest foreign and Italian level.

It organizes conferences and seminars on specific topics, both basic and specialist level.

There will be two meetings of the Company per year, usually in spring and autumn, during which they are proposed, developed and explored topics usually single issue or with a common thread, related to veterinary traumatology and orthopedics.

On these occasions a part of the day is usually destined to shareholders, who are urged to submit case reports arising from clinical everyday.

A part of the meeting be devoted to updating the events or innovations in the field, presented at congress (ESVOT, BSAVA, AO, VOS)



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