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The COMPANY 'OF ITALIAN Rheumatology (SIR) aims to strengthen and develop projects in the field of scientific research, education and health care in rheumatology. SIR encourages and welcomes all initiatives, public or private, that aims to assist the sick rheumatoid arthritis as well as preventing and treating rheumatic diseases. Therefore SIR promotes groups, committees and commissions to study and research in the field of rheumatic diseases, connective tissue and of the musculoskeletal system, spreading the knowledge gained both on the scientific aspects that social aspects. education, training and social and health care are among the activities to which it is dedicated constant attention of SIR. The commitment is expressed in many initiatives such as conferences, round tables and workshops on rheumatic diseases, publication of documents, studies and research, development of guidelines and diagnostic-therapeutic protocols, cooperation with institutional authorities in the drafting of documents that encourage prevention and the treatment of rheumatic diseases, coordinate the exchange of information between specialized centers, hospitals, regional and family physicians, awareness of the pharmaceutical industry in a specific research in the field of Rheumatology, promotion of large-scale epidemiological studies designed to obtain data precise incidence of rheumatic diseases, their spread, the prospects for the care and protection of patients' rights, with particular reference to the right to an early diagnosis and appropriate care and timely. The initiatives of SIR figure the national registry of patients rheumatoid arthritis treated with biologics, launched through a collaboration between SIR and AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency). The registry is an effective tool to monitor over time the evolution of the disease and the occurrence of side effects in patients treated with such drugs. SIR has developed a tool, the folder Monitor-net, to standardize the management information systems of the patient rheumatic within centers rheumatologic Italian. This medical record, available on the web and therefore usable by most Italian rheumatology centers, vital medium for the realization of other national registers. SIR has always supported the development of Rheumatology not only nationally, but also European. In this context that the Written declaration on rheumatic diseases, signed by 405 members of the European Parliament and prepared in conjunction with the EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism), which led rheumatic diseases the attention of the European Parliament and the official recognition of their social importance. SIR, through its foundation NPO FIRA (Italian Foundation for Research on arthritis), funds projects of clinical and experimental research, conducted collaboratively by multiple centers or individual researchers Italian. In addition, on the occasion of the National Congress, we are rewarded young researchers particularly deserving. Special support is also given to research on diseases or therapies orphan, so far hardly considered by Funding public and private, national and international.


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