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The Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Society (SICSeG) was founded in 1992 in Milan on the initiative of prof. Mario Randelli. Prof. Lamberto Perugia was the first President, Vice President prof. Mario Randelli, Directors Profs. Luigi Celli and Franco Postacchini and Secretary-Treasurer Dr. PierLuigi Gambrioli.
In 1987 the European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (SECEC-ESSSE) was founded and the Italian Society was one of the first to organize itself nationally and to contribute to the work of the European Society with a high number of ordinary members and Associates.
In 1988 Prof. Celli and the school of Modena organized the 1st update conference dedicated to shoulder surgery.
In 1990 the SECEC Presidency was entrusted to Prof. Mario Randelli and the latter had organized the 4th Congress of the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow in Milan which brought together in Milan the best European and world specialists from 4 to 6 October.
The long and prestigious tradition of the Shoulder Surgery Course organized by Prof. Randelli and his school also began in 1991. Many of the current exponents of shoulder surgery have taught or trained by participating in these courses, whose example has been widely followed over time.

The first National Congress of the Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, which took place in Milan in 1994 by Prof. Mario Randelli, was a real success: more than 400 participants, 9 reports, 81 communications, 24 participating companies.

The SICSeG therefore gathered the need to organize the experiences now validly acquired in the previous decade in the field of research, clinical and surgical practice and finally teaching on issues relating to shoulder and elbow pathology.

The Society currently organizes a National Congress every 2 years which is held each time in a different region of our peninsula.

 Currently the Company has about 400 members, a ten-year history and the stages of its development represent important steps forward in the knowledge and treatment of shoulder and elbow pathology.


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