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Japan Clinical Orthopaedic Society: . JCOA: The Japanese Clinical Orthopaedic Association The purpose of the Japan Clinical Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

To promote the clinical orthopedic research and study, widely measure the progress spread, therefore it is an object of public health, medical care, to contribute to the welfare In accordance with this purpose, in the Society, Society, Ken rally events held and bones and joints of the Day, the other a variety of social activities have been carried out actively.

For a member of the Japan Society of Clinical Orthopaedics.

In the first line of medical care, we are engaged in orthopedic medical care, primarily, it is an organization that is composed of a working physician practitioners and private hospitals.

January 2007 now, and over the membership of 6000 people a little less.

The Japan Society of clinical orthopedic surgery, as its infrastructure, the country prefectures, respectively there is a clinical orthopedic surgeon meeting, it is active in.

The history of Japan Clinical Orthopaedic Society.

Japan Clinical Orthopaedic Society (JCOA) is, by the volunteers of the orthopedic surgeon, in 1974, was established as Japan clinical orthopedic surgeon Group (JCOA). It has evolved to then national organization.

From Japan clinical orthopedic surgery medical society Japan clinical orthopedic Society meeting of the name change: June 2006.

In June 2006, a new attire, for the purpose of participation in the Japan Medical Association, has changed the meeting name to Society from the Japan Clinical Orthopaedic Society, medical society.

Along with the change of the meeting name, more to enhance the expertise, we aim to improve the quality of as an orthopedic surgeon,


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