Japanese Orthopaedic Society of Knee Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine JOSKAS


It has been operating as a voluntary organization from 2009 Japan arthroscopic knee Sports Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JOSKAS), the Institute from July 1, 2013 Japan arthroscopic knee Sports Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JOSKAS)

We migrated to. Japan arthroscopic knee Sports Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JOSKAS) is a Fumino Ne-sei teacher as chairman in 2009, the 1st Scientific Meeting and seminars is set to start that was held successfully, this year 2013

The was held on the basis of a successful 5th Annual Meeting and Suzawa Ming teacher chairman of the seminar.

As of this Society of everyone you know, in the wake of that to attract ISAKOS in Osaka in April 2009, Japan knee Society and both societies have a very long history of Japan arthroscopic Society consultations in the direction of the union

The pile is the Society was founded beyond the hurdle of several. Japan knee Society, Japan knee joint study group (1975 established) and Tokyo knee joint Society (1980 established) has been established to consolidate in 2000 with the purpose to that the evolutionary eliminated, Koshino Tomihisa teacher first He has been served as a one-time chairman.

Japan knee joint study group chairman from the 1st until the 11th teacher Masaki Watanabe, from twice to 21 times has been served as Hirohata Kazushi teacher.

Until 1984 but had been held twice a year, it later was now meeting once a year.

Experts of the knee was there in meeting with a very tense to discuss in depth the state-of-the-art topics in close chi of members system.

On the other hand Tokyo knee Society has played a major role as a gateway to success for young teachers who aim to knee surgery in an open society.

Japan arthroscopic Society Kenji Takagi teacher, is the Society, which was founded in 1975 against the background of the performance, which boasts the world of teachers around the Masaki Watanabe teacher.

In the one year before the 1974, RWJackson who learned the technique of arthroscopic under Watanabe Masaki teacher, RLO'Connor, further .W.Casscells, mainly J.Joyce founded the International Arthroscopy Association, and Watanabe Masatake teacher was appointed to the first president, it has been awarded the title at the same time Father of Arthroscopy.

And praised the great your performance of teachers in JOSKAS, and founded the Masaki Watanabe Award, I will be where I am allowed to be awarded to how teacher that has been internationally acclaimed in arthroscopic or arthroscopic surgery, the first time

The winners, but was editor-in-chief Prof.Gary Poehling and Prof.Ejner Eriksson that was an editor-in-chief of KSSTA of J.of Arthroscopy, just internationally your success is worthy of the first round of the award of was teachers.

Then, international show the presence Fumi Nonet students teacher representing Japan has been become a 3rd winner. Journal of the Society will be accepted also posted in some Originals, but basically has become a form of proceeding, Original in English it is proposed that I would like you to post to AP-SMART Journal is an official journal of JOSKAS .

Teachers of the member as well as We look forward an aggressive your participation and support of the parties concerned. General Japan arthroscopic knee Sports Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JOSKAS) Chairman Hiroshima President Mitsuo Ochi


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