Jordan Orthopaedic Association JOA


Jordan Orthopedic Association) is a scientific Jordanian Medical Association was founded in 1984 as an association under the umbrella of the jurisdiction of the independent union of Jordanian doctors, including specialists in orthopedics private and public sector (Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services and universities).

The number of members of the Assembly at its founding thirty members.

General Authority Assembly periodically meets every year where you discuss the work of the administrative board and make recommendations on all things Assembly, and the General Authority every two years to elect a new board composed of the Chairman of the Assembly and six other members of the governing body that implements the decisions of the General Authority and other administrative matters.

As the Assembly in coordination with the Medical Association in all matters professional. Assembly will hold a scientific meeting monthly in the capital, Amman.

Jordanian Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons participated in the founding of both the Arab Orthopaedic Association in 1993, and Jordan branch of the World Assembly to address fractures (AO) in 2004, as the Assembly joined the Federation of European Societies for orthopedic surgery as a member of a scientific associate in 2008.


Amman City, Amman Governorate 11953

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