Kinamed Incorporated


Established in 1987, Kinamed designs and manufactures implantables and instruments for orthopedics and neurosurgery. We manufacture and sell the following devices: . CarboJet® carbon dioxide lavage system – a revolutionary device for cleaning and preparing bone surfaces for orthopedic procedures; . SuperCable® Iso-Elastic™ Cerclage system – a revolutionary polymer-based cerclage system designed to solve many of the inherent problems of traditional monofilament wire and cabling systems. . KineMatch® Patello-Femoral Replacement – a unicompartmental joint replacement designed specifically for the small but challenging group of patients with isolated, end-stage patello-femoral disease. . Kinamed is certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to be in compliance with the requirements of ISO 13485. Our certificate number is FM 75124. . Kinamed is registered and licensed by the United States FDA, and the California Department of Health Services. .


820 Flynn Road
Camarillo, California 93012-8701
United States

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