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The Campinas Knee Study Group was born spontaneously in the 80s when a small orthopedic group that was beginning to make knee surgery in the city suggested holding review meetings in the office Dr. Wilson Mello. The goal was to exchange experiences on the specialty, which was beginning to develop in the country. One of the pioneers was the very Dr. Wilson Mello, who had just returned to the country after a stint in the United States, where he had learned from Dr. James Andrews to do artroscopoia, the great boom of the moment. At that time, Dr. Mello, with Prof. support Marco Amatuzzi and the Brazilian Society of Knee Surgery, held in Campinas Medical Center two arthroscopy courses. In 1995, the group, which featured Dr. Mello, José Francisco Nunes and Dr. Paulo César Ferreira Penteado, decided to organize III Course of Campinas Knee Surgery, continuing the courses taken in the previous decade. In 1996, Drs. Arthur Telini and Paulo Paes were invited to join the study group and actively participated in the IV Knee Surgery Course organization Campinas. In 1997 began the monthly scientific meetings, calls Journal of Meeting. In 1999, he joined to the initial group Dr. Adriano Marchetto and the following year, Dr. Guilherme Amaral. In 2000, the Campinas Knee Study Group now has a registered legal entity. At this time, Dr. José Olavo Moretzshon had also joined the group and was responsible for creating the website. Two years later the orthopedist Wander E. Brito also joined the group, completing the board with nine members. Campinas Knee Surgery Course The Knee Surgery Course Campinas is one of the most important events of the specialty in the country and meets every two years, hundreds of participants from all regions of Brazil. The Knee Group also organizes the Rehabilitation Program, coordinated by the physiotherapist Rodrigo Vasconcelos and is the third edition. Journal of Meetings Monthly review meetings of the Group Knee also have only grown, bringing together between 40 and 50 professionals in the areas of radiology, physiotherapy and orthopedics moving from Campinas and other cities in the interior of São Paulo in search of continuing education. At each meeting the group receives a guest to present a lecture with the theme of your area of interest and expertise. The page of the Knee Group on the Internet is also one of the most visited specialty. All this activity has designed Campinas Knee Group not only in Brazil, but internationally, highlighting the collaborative relationship with the Lyon Group ( ALRM), which is always present in courses held in Campinas. So the GEJC remains committed to continuing education in medicine, promoting monthly meetings and Knee Surgery Course every two years, and the Rehabilitation Course Orthopedic .


Rua José Rocha Bonfim, 214
Chicago Building - 1st floor Condominium Plaza Ca
Campinas, State of Sao Paulo 13080-650

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