Korean Fracture Society - KFS - KOA Sub-Specialty Society


The Korean Fracture Society is an organization dedicated to advancement of fracture and subluxation research, and the KFS carries out this mission through education in research, dissemination of research knowledge, advocacy for increasing of resources for research, and increasing awareness of the importance and impact of such research on orthopedic patients and the public.

In May 20, 1985, Bong Gun Kim (Kyung Hee Univ.) and Sung Jun Kim (Han Yang Univ.) founded a society based on people who were interested in fracture research.

The first general meeting and scholarly conference were held at Ambassador Hotel in June 24, 1985, and founders declared the purpose of fracture society and voted for committee members and committee of arrangements, and 40 promoters get in on the society, including Hak Hyun Kim, Dae Yong Han, Jung Bin Ju, Myung Ki Mun, Byung Mun An, Myung Sang Mun, Bon Young Kim, Bon Hong Choi, Hee Beck Park, Ju Chul In, et al.

On same day, the promoters set regulation up and named the society as the Fracture Researcher's Society, and they voted Hak Hyun Kim as the first chairman, Bong Gun Kim as the second chairman, and Chung Nam Kang as the secretary.

However, the committee of the Fracture Researcher's Society decided to change official name as the Korean Fracture Society on the second general meeting in May 1986.

After the first scholarly conference in June 24, 1985, 21 journals were presented on the second conference on November 1985.

After that scholarly conferences were held bi-annually, spring and fall, on the night before the general meeting.

In addition, the scholarly conference grew up not only the quality-wise but also participants-wise; 400 members attended every year and numbers steadily increased over years.

In addition, as the most active subdivision society of orthopedic, from 1995 the Journal of The Korean Fracture Society was published quarterly instead of bi-annually, in order to follow up with expended numbers of member and to inform and update the members on many fracture thesis.

In order to contribute to research and scholarly information of subdivision society, conferences were held in as a Symposium type and, also, many famous professors and members, who invented internal fixator, were invited as guest speakers for the scholarly conference.

Currently, the Korean Fracture Society as a role model and has about 800 members, which is the mist active society in the orthopedic subdivision. . The 19th chairman is Sang Su Kim (Seoul Micro Hospital), and Su Bong Han (Yon Sei Univ.) was elected as the 20th chairman on April 2004.


135 Gyeongchun-ro
Hanyang University Guri Hospital
Gyeonggi, Sudogwon 471-701
Korea South

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