Korean Orthopaedic Association KOA


Established in 1948, the Korean Orthopedic Association disappeared in the aftermath of the Korean War.

For the reestablishment of the Association, a gathering was held in Myong-dong, Seoul with the attendance of fiver persons, i.e. Moon Ki Pyung, Chung In Hee, Yoon Kyung Hyun, Yoo Sang Bong and Yoo Hyong Bok who practiced medicine in orthopedic surgery.

They agreed on again convening the Association¬°'s inaugural meeting at Seoul National University at 1 o'clock p.m. on May 26, a day when the general meeting of the Korean Medical Association (KMA) was due to be held, with Moon undertaking a duty of drafting the Association¬°s Rules.

On May 12, 1956, the five persons got together once more, deciding on laying the draft before the inaugural meeting after reviewing it.

Meanwhile, invitation letters dated May 15, 1956 were sent to domestic organizations and personalities concerned to encourage them to attend the inaugural meeting.


372, Hangang-daero
Yongsan-gu, Seoul - Special City 04334
Korea South

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