Kytogenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Kytogenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a drug delivery and medical products company moving forward to develop and market a series of clinically significant therapies and products based on its N,O- carboxymethylchitosan (NOCC) chitosan derived technology and its sulfated derivative s-NOCC.

Through the FDA 510K process Kytogenics has successfully cleared one product for marketing in its wound care/derma line, its NOCC Hydrophilic Wound Dressing, and the Company is developing additional diverse and innovative products lines based on its NOCC and s-NOCC Technology platforms and expects products on the market within one year. Wound care and orthopedic products are in the project stage of commercialization.

Using the Company's chitosan derivatives, Kytogenics intends to develop a significant opportunity for topically applied drug delivery initially with rewetting/lubricating drops for contact lenses and artificial tears, followed by retinal/vitreous delivery.

Therapeutic products for Interstitial Cystitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease are among Kytogenics' development programs and the Company has successfully applied its technology to the delivery of peptides and other macromolecules and more recently for drug delivery to mucosal tissues.

The unique chemical properties and proven safety of the Kytogenics' technology platforms provides exciting opportunities for licensing, partnering or investment. .


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