Lattice Biologics, Ltd.


REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: Lattice Biologics, Ltd. is an emerging leader in the field of cellular therapies and tissue engineering, with a focus on bone, skin, and cartilage regeneration.
The company develops and processes biologic allograft products for domestic and international markets.
Lattice Biologics’ allograft products are used in a variety of clinical applications, including:
> Enhancing fusion in spine surgery
> Enhancing breast reconstruction post mastectomy for breast cancer patients
> Sports medicine indications, including ACL repair
> Promotion of bone regeneration in foot and ankle surgery
> Promotion of skull healing following neurosurgery
> Enhancing wound repair in burn victims
> Subchondral bone defect repair in knee and other joint surgeries


16701 N 90th Street, Suite 101
Corporate Headquarters
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

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