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Latvian Traumatology and Orthopedics Research Institute (1946 to 1994). With the Latvian SSR Peoples Commissariat of Health decision (01.11.1946.) On 24 July 1946 in Riga, Duntes Street, 12/22 Riga was opened in reparative surgery and orthopedics research institute. The Institute was divided of the buildings from the former Srkankalns psychiatric hospitals, the second part of the building was opened in Riga city tuberculosis hospital. Srkankalns psychiatric hospital as the first psychiatric institution healing Latvian (then Russian province of Vidzeme Riga). On 24 December 1862 it opened a Riga doctor Georg Brucers (its official name was Heilanstalt Rotenberg bei Riga), but in 1872, Dr. G.Brucers sold Riga City Hospital on 54000 rubles. Srkankalns psychiatric hospital was closed in 1942 and in its place was installed in a military hospital. Institutes main task was to disabled persons with injuries and injury effects of treatment. The Institute had become the Baltic republics of traumatology, orthopedics and reparative surgery research methodological center. The Institute's first director was an assistant professor (1949 g. - Professor) Arčils Mačabeli. Institute worked A.Gurēvičs professor, Professor S. Ļišņevskis, associate professor (Professor of 1948.g.-) L.Golbers Professor A.Spiridonovs Professor Bieziņš. The initial period of the Institute's activities were developed and carried out in reparative surgery: esophageal reconstruction with colon transplants when administered retrosternal (A.Mačabeli) amputation trunk Reconstruction (S. Ļišņevskis), reconstruction of the hip joint in children with congenital hip dislocation (A. Bieziņš) . From November 1955 until 1959, he was Director of the Institute Professor O.Rudenko. By contrast, in 1959 for the Institute of Directors, was appointed the Riga Medical Institute, Department of nosocomial surgical assistant, candidate of medical sciences - Victor Kalnbērzs. V.Kalnbērza under the guidance of the Institute was carried out restructuring, changed clinical department profiles, create new units, down the main directions of research. One of the main directions of the external fixation apparatus for new models of development and implementation in practice. After a tuberculosis hospital transfer to the newly opened tuberculosis hospital (196 ... g.) Liberator buildings was transferred casualty ward, reception and intensive care department, burn center, a new compression - distraction methods development unit (I.Vaseršteins). 1961 was opened in tissue conservation laboratory (E.Krūmiņa). After several years, in 1979 it was made a radical reorganization of the structure of the Institute - Institute became a scientific, medical, educational and industrial associations. Institute were produced in the external fixation apparatus, more active patents - licenses and informatics department work, international relations. The Institute was a clinical base of Riga Medical Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics Department, the Institute had a clinical residency and postgraduate course, which hosted the doctors from the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian. Medical Sciences candidate's dissertation defended two doctors from Estonia and six from Lithuania. It was issued several monographs (Bieziņš, H.Jansons, L.Sluckis, L.Petuhova) and methodological recommendations. Also, the Institute of doctors had the opportunity to attend refresher courses in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Kurgan. On the base of the Institute was organized in the Baltic States and podiatrists traumatologu congresses, 2nd All-Union Congress of Traumatologists and Orthopaedists, symposia, seminars. It had concluded cooperation agreements with several countries (the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Sweden, the USA, Venezuela). Since 1989, the Institute's doctors were trained knee replacement in the US Yale University clinical base Voterberijā professor Kristaps Keggi. By contrast, in 1990 the Institute was first carried out in Arthroscopic knee surgery (the US Harvard University professor Bertrams Zarins). With the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers decision in 1994 it was eliminated Latvian Traumatology and Orthopedics Research Institute and a non-profit organization state limited liability company Traumatology and Orthopedics Hospital. Its leaders have been appointed to the city of Riga 2nd Hospital traumatologist, orthopaedist - Valdis Zatlers. As time passed, in 2004, this hospital granted the status was changed to the State limited liability company Traumatology and Orthopedics Hospital and in 2007 chairman of the board of the hospital was appointed hospital worker doctor traumatologist, orthopaedist Witold Jurkevics. At the moment, the hospital carried out in continuous improvement actions underway chairperson Anita Vaivode management, which until 2013 in the hospital a long time acted as a board member of financial matters.


Duntes street 22
Riga City, Riga Region LV-1005

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