Ligament Augmentation & Reconstruction System LARS


Artificial ligaments are non-active surgical implants designed to compensate the Ioss of natural ligaments (must often due to a trauma) or to serve as reinforcement.

LARS is a range of synthetic ligament augmentation and reconstruction devices, suitable for a wide variety of applications from ACL and PCL reconstruction to ankle and shoulder repairs.

LARS ligaments are intended for the intra or extra-articular reconstruction of ruptured ligaments, designed to mimic the normal anatomic ligament fibers.

The intra-articular longitudinal fibres resist fatigue and allow fibroblastic ingrowth, the extra-articular woven fibres provide strength and resistance to elongation.

LARS ligaments can be used in conjunction with the remnants of the ruptured ligament, or as reinforcement of an autologous reconstruction.

In both cases, LARS ligaments allow the original ligament tissues to heal during the immediate post-operative period, when an excess of traction would otherwise elongate the tissue.

LARS ligaments can be used for extra-articular reconstructions intendon repairs such as Achilles tendon, patella tendon, biceps tendon, rotator cuff etc… Other repairs can be envisaged as tumours surgery.


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