Luxembourgian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology LSOT - SLOT


Founded on 14 February 1984 at the initiative of the following founding members:

Dr. Robert Berend
Dr. Léon Ehmann
Dr. Elisabeth Gast-Rolfef
Dr. Robert Huberty
Dr René Konsbruck
Dr Michel Nizard
Dr. Robert Poeker
Dr. Auguste Schumacher
Dr. Léon Schuman
Dr. Luc Weydert

Dr. Auguste Schumacher was its first president
Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the association was:

To organize, protect and improve the general situation of doctors-specialists in orthopedics in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, favoring closer contacts between them in a spirit of soli- darity and professional assistance,
Strengthen the ties of cooperation with national and international medical, scientific and administrative bodies and authorities,
Encourage cooperation with interested authorities on all matters relating to orthopedics,
Affiliate this association to international orthopedic associations


4, rue Barblé
Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg

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