Malaysian Society for Surgery of the Hand MSSH


Malaysia's Hand Surgery History


Specific treatment for hand related problems began for treatment of leprosy related hand problems. A leprosarium was set up in Sungai Buloh. In the 1960s Dr. K Thambyrajah worked in this hospital which has inpatient and outpatient facilities. According to him, Dr. Daksinamoorthy preformed 20-30 procedures month on the hands and feet. They preformed among other operations Brand's tailed tendon transfers and also oppensplasties to help optimise hand function due to this debilitating disease. Dr. Grace Warren and Dr. James Hargrave have also helped treat patient and train our doctors during their visits here. The Leprosy Mission of England initiative also brought Senior Therapist like Miss Jean Watson to help in the rehabilitation efforts. Dr. K Thambyrajah was also noted to have done 2 fellowships with Mr Pulvertaft in Royal Derbyshire Infirmary.


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