Maurice. E. Muller Foundation of North America MEMFNA


The M.E. Müller Foundation of North America (MEMF-NA) was established in 1983, to foster postgraduate education, research and documentation in orthopaedic hip surgery in the United States and Canada. The North American Foundation was formed as a daughter foundation under the M.E. Müller Foundation of Switzerland, to achieve core objectives in support of orthopaedic surgery, science and technology. Sister Foundations in Spain and Italy complete the multinational scope of the organization. Since 1988, more than 40 North American orthopaedic surgeons have completed fellowships offered and supported by MEMF_NA, and have gone on to achieve considerable success in Orthopaedics as surgeons, academics, administrators and educators. The names of MEMF-NA Alumni is a virtual who's who of North American orthopaedics.

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