NeoOrtho - Neoortho Produtos Ortopedicos S.A.


NeoOrtho is a manufacturer of orthopedic implants based in Brazil. . Comprising over 7000 items in a growing portfolio, NeoOrtho’s products have been well received on the market. In 2005, NeoOrtho released its first products for osteosynthesis. . The company currently markets four specific product lines, with steady increase of new items to come. . The company constantly invests in specialized employee training, new equipment, and cutting-edge machines. . With its extensive distribution network, NeoOrtho meets the demands of the national and international markets with excellence and agility. . NeoOrtho is based in a 2000-square meter industrial complex in the city of Curitiba in Paraná. It also has two other commercial headquarters, one for international sales in Fort Myers and another for domestic sales in Curitiba. .


Angelo Domingos Durigan, 607
Curitiba City, State of Parana 82025-100

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